Patiently Optimistic

I started this series of paintings on my personality, and Patiently Optimistic is one of them.   

When I think of bunnies I think of them being patiently optimistic but inherently pessimistic - know what I mean? They’ll sit there waiting patiently, very still, just waiting and watching, hoping that you’ll just go on your merry way, but they are ready to bounce when they sense an issue. They know what could go wrong, but wait for the best. I think I captured that look in this painting.  

I think that many of us are Patiently Optimistic and inherently pessimistic - we have hope, we have dreams and we are willing to wait out what we aren't sure of.  We plan for the worst and hope for the best. 

So what's up next?  Stay tuned 🐾🎉❤️🎨

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