MWD Coba R592 EOW 2016

MWD Coba came into the lime-light as a result of this video and picture where she provided a demonstration of her tactical abilities as well as her love of play time.(3)

Military Working Dog Coba retired in Feb 2014 where she was brought to the states along with 12 other K9 heroes. However, Coba’s return to the states was fraught with deception from a privately held company Soliden Technologies LLC. The deception resulted in her and others being left in Mt. Hope K9 Rescue in Chester, Virginia for 17 months where the owner incurred over $150,000 of expenses caring for these war heroes. (4)

Soliden Technologies LLC., according to the article below, were trying to sell the dogs to a foreign country instead of giving them to Veterans. After months, Soliden later told the Kennel handler to dispose of the dogs, which thankfully the owner of the Kennel didn’t, instead, she reached out to Mission K9 Rescue. (5) Coba’s return to the civilian world was delayed because of deception and lack of oversight for “Robby’s Law.” (6) 

Coba was one of the 13 that came to Mission K9 Rescue where they helped reunite the dogs to their previous handlers or suitable adopters. Louisa Co-Founder of Mission K9 Rescue adopted Coba herself. MWD Coba became the face of Mission K9 Rescue; her sweet disposition and love of all those who she came into contact with made her so memorable. While Coba was not provided medals from the military for her years of service and tours, she earned and was given the love of many.

After what was too short of a time in retirement, MWD Coba, like so many of these military and contract working dogs, succumbed to health problems. The weekend prior to November 21st, Coba had lost the use of her legs, and Louisa rushed her to the emergency room. After some extensive testing, an inoperable tumor was discovered that had already metastasized into the bone. Louisa made the difficult decision to let Coba cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity. Louisa was devastated.

Louisa had this to say about her sweet Coba: "She had the most amazing spirit about her and everyone who met her adored her. I wonder how life can be so cruel, and I wonder again how I will be able to heal this severely broken heart. My kids and I are so devastated and we never imagined that we would have to say goodbye to her this soon after she came into our lives.”

Please say a prayer for Louisa, her children, and Coba, and love your babies for as long as you can!

End of Watch: November 21, 2016

Let us not forget the ones who served us so well.

While companies and laws may fail these animals, we as people must not fail them. Please donate to one or more of the below.

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