Military Working Dog Aron

MWD (Military Working Dog) Aron R467 passed away on July 17, 2017 in Qatar.

In the comfort of our homes we forget that there is a whole other world, a whole other daily struggle and fight going on.  We may catch some of it on the news but it doesn't really register does it?  To me it's kind of like watching the movie "The Titanic"; in history class we all read about the Titanic sinking and how so many people dies either from hypothermia or drowning...but the logistics of it all do not actually sink in until you watch how the boat tilted to 90 degrees and people (real people) were hanging on and reaching for there loved ones.  The reality doesn't sink in until you really think about it.  

Imagine this: 
You live in New York but you are stationed in Qatar.  On July 17th, at 110 degrees you are dressed in your full fatigues to go to lunch - it's hot, like down a bottle of water every 30 minutes, hot.  Your best friend is your dog and you leave him to rest in your barracks while you go to lunch, just like every day. When you come back from lunch you discover that the air conditioning unit stopped working and your best friend died from the heat.  Next time you open up the oven door, feel that flash of heat, that is the heat that costs lives.  
Our men and women are working in a heat that is described as hell on earth, away from their homes, away from their family, risking their lives for us.
I don't know much about MWD Aron and his handler Sean, but I know this:  they are heroes who live and do things we can't imagine.  I'm proud to give them this memorial plaque.  I shipped 18x24" memorial plaque and painting to his home and included a small 5x7" so Sean can have Aron with him when he is deployed.  

​God protect our soldiers and the guardians of the night. 
MWD Aron, End of Watch: July 17, 2017
Let us not forget the ones who served us so well.

While companies and laws may fail these animals, we as people must not fail them. Please donate to Mission K9 Rescue who found them forever