"Happy Hour"

This painting is one in a series of paintings of my self portrait personalities, called "Happy Hour" 🥂. This little guy is how I'd like to be, in reality I am totally not. 

I can't sit still for very long, my mind is going 90 miles a minute with multiple thoughts at once, which is great in some aspects because I have the ability to get a lot done in a very short time.  Needless to say, I'm probably not normal.  I wouldn't consider a person who moves at the speed of a sloth to be normal either, but the thought of just hanging out and smiling sounds like a dream.  I don't see that happening anytime soon though, two kids, two dogs, two cats, a hubby, an art career, President of the Huntsville Art League, grocery shopper, volunteer blah-blah-blah - WTH!  How did this all happen!!!  I need to simplify...  anyway...

So I painted what I'd like to be, if only for a day, I really wish I could just slow my butt down and enjoy the world as a sloth does....it's like he is just smiling at how ridiculous the world is....and it is, isn't it?  The world is so ridiculously fast...so when I look at this painting, it reminds me to be calm, smile, watch, take your time, it'll get done. 


"Happy Hour" is a 16x16 x1 1/2" Oil on Panel.

To Purchase the Original Oil Painting click here: Original "Happy Hour" Painting

To Purchase a print, click here: Prints of "Happy Hour" 

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