CWD Robbie MDD

CWD Robbie MDD crossed the rainbow bridge on July 7, 2018.  It took me a while to do the voiceover for the tribute painting and video and you'll see why.  

Click to watch the video to watch me paint and tell Contract Working Dog Robbie's story in the words of his mom, Kristen.   

-------------------------------- 📽️Words from the video 📽️---------------

These are the words of Kristen Maurer about her beloved CWD Robbie. 

“On June 7, 2018,  my sweet angelic CWD Robbie crossed The Rainbow Bridge, and left a huge hole in my heart. 

Robbie was a Mine Detection Dog from Afghanistan. He was part of a program where the dogs are trained in the United States, and donated to local handlers around the world as a good will effort to find mines. Robbie was so good at his job, that in 2012, he and his Afghan handler won an award for finding the most mines. Unfortunately, his happiness overseas ended there. His handler was executed for working with Americans, and Robbie was stuck in a kennel, starved and tortured. 

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