Contract Working Dog Zorro Mine Detection Dog

Unfortunately, there is little known about Zorro’s life in Afghanistan other than we know that he was owned by the same company that owned Nero and was in the same kennel as Nero.  Which meant, Zorro lived down wind of the burn pile that emitted toxins every night for Zorro to breath in for 7 years. 

From the day Zorro came home he had severe liver issues.  He was with the same company as Nero and was in the same kennel area as Nero’s that was down wind of the burn pile.  The veterinarian said his liver looked like “swiss cheese ”Unfortunately, Zorro was sick his whole year of retirement and finally succumbed to liver failure, which is why his treatment was not up to the level that is needed to ensure the animal’s mental and health safety. 

But Zorro's hard working, adventurous, pleasing nature didn't stop him from doing what he needed to do and being the best he could every day.  Kristen remembered the time when the movie Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine. premiered and Mission K9 Rescue got to be at the premier.  The stars of the movie Max wouldn't pose for the cameras, but the real contract and working dogs showed the movie stars up by posing for the cameras and with the kids and costars. :)

Zorro's handler from Afghanistan reached out to Kristen to give his condolences, it had been several years since he had seen Zorro but he had this message to give about Zorro: Zorro's drive was amazing, he was the hardest worker with the best disposition and biggest love bug.  

Zorro will be missed by all that he served and saved.  Keep Kristen in your prayers, her heart and love for these unsung heroes is beyond measure, she continues today to rescue and care for these amazing animals.  

CWD Zorro MDD, End of Watch: October 29, 2015

Let us not forget the ones who served us so well.

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