Painting: "Together Again" 6x6" Oil on Panel

I can't believe the year is almost this morning I'm taking some time to I may will ramble a bit....these are my thoughts while I painted these glasses and champaign bottle titled "Together Again" 6x6" Oil on Panel. 

My husband was deployed for most of this year and when he was gone I looked for every distraction possible to avoid thinking about him and what he was going through, otherwise I'd just breakdown and cry.  I did a good job of this; I only cried once when I learned of a helicopter crash at his base and all onboard perished - that broke me for several of hours because it was a scenario I hadn't thought of.  I pushed that aside with more activities.  Which is why I sought after and got the Presidency of the Huntsville Art League. 

Good gravy, that kept me really busy.  I accomplished a lot in 6 months and with only 5 months left as the President of the Huntsville Art League I'm ready to hand over the responsibility to someone else.  I no longer need the distraction from my thoughts; hubby is back home - safe, happy and healthy - which is all that I prayed for.  My kids actually really don't like me being the President of the art league cause 1)they find the events boring and 2)they want my time and attention. I'm only committed for another 5 months.  It's good for them to see me in a leadership role, honoring my commitments and making a difference - they'll get over it. wink

Next year, I want to paint more.  You may think I paint a lot as it is, but I want to paint more of just random things; like candy, glasses, wine, landscapes etc.  I'll definitely continue painting animals cause I LOVE doing this too.  I guess this is where they say an artist is scattered brained. frown I just love all things that glisten and show light and life. 

So what should you expect from me in 2019?  Everyday will be something new, something fresh with a story behind it; dog, cat, pig, candy, ice-cream all lovely things. heart.  I won't write everyday on this blog, or send an email every day (no one has time for that, do they?!) but what I can do is post to Instagram daily :) 

If you'd like to purchase the original or print, click here.