Art is an Investment: Artist Strategy

Reflection of the past 4 years of growth in my art business has led to the following decisions and it is because of you and my kids that I’ve decided to move in a direction to ensure your art investment continues to grow. So,

Effective January 1st, 2020 I’m making 4 changes to my service offerings:

  1. No more discounted prices on original artwork: My artwork will not sell for a price less than what it is valued (and my pricing structure is very, well, structured 🙂)
  2. Limited Editions will be available: Only certain paintings will be available in Limited edition and for a limited time.
  3. Monthly Art Club: I’m opening up a Monthly Art Club Membership where one piece of artwork will be available for that month at $19.95 or $24.95, depending on the size you’d like, to subscribers only.  Click here to read more. 
  4. Original artwork will be retired if not sold within a predefined time. Artwork that is 2 years or older will be labeled and archived in a temperature-controlled location.

The #1 reason I’m limiting the number of prints and retiring unsold artwork: protect your investment in my artwork. You purchase from me because you love my work, love my heart for animals and I want to make sure I do not disappoint you when you invest in me and my work. When I look at the current market of artists, I see an over-saturation of the market of art, artists are underselling and undervaluing their work, making their clients investments weak. This bold move is to help ensure the value of my work and the value of the paintings that you purchase from me will continue to increase in value.

Beginning in January 2020, one painting per month will be available for purchase in limited edition, as a Monthly Art Club Subscriber, as well as the original painting, if available.

The first piece offered in the Monthly Art Club, Limited Edition is "Horse Laugh II".  Click here for details about the Monthly Art Club. 

So what does this mean for you?

  • If you see an original painting you want, grab it now.
  • Share and post my artwork, by sharing, you increase my exposure which will, in turn, increase our investments.
  • Join the Monthly Art Club to begin receiving a curated piece of my work every month. Click here for details about the Monthly Art Club..


I paint because I love to paint, I paint because God gave me this passion to cultivate and grow. I can only do that with and because of you. When you purchase my work, you give me the gift to continue to grow and give and this strategy is to help ensure that I support your investment in us. If you’d like to know more about my strategy please click here and watch a video where I detail the plan.

Many thanks I am so looking forward to our future together!!!