Art Fur Paws Purpose

You Make a Difference in Another's Life

Custom Pet Portraits

Vision: Create timeless, beautiful, custom paintings to honor owners and fur babies with a philanthropic twist.  AND provide how to paint tutorials! :)   

What’s the Philanthropic twist? When you purchase a custom pet portrait for yourself or home, I will donate 10% of the profits to the organization that serves and protects our animals!    

Currently, I am working with the Greater Huntsville Humane Society no-kill shelter, Flint River Animal Hospital for their Circle of Angels, Mission K9 Rescue and I’ve started my own philanthropic mission that honors working/service animals and their owners.    

Would you like a custom portrait?
If you are interested in a custom pet portrait for yourself or for another, I will give 10% of the profit to the referring organization.  Click here for my pricing and process. 

Honoring Service and Working Animals
Would you like to nominate a working/service animal to be honored with a custom dry brush oil portrait and memorial plaque? 
With your help, we can honor the working animal and their owner with a timeless, beautiful, and custom dry brush oil painting. 

If you know of a service or working animal who has passed away,  please click here and tell me their story so we can begin funding the initiative. (Note: this is just kicked off on 1/21/2017, so the $amount in the donation pile is $0, so please help spread the word and help me get this thing started!)

Feel free to contact me with any questions,  

I hope you enjoy my blog on my painting activities, finished paintings and tutorials!!