About The Artist

Stephanie Weaver

Artist Bio -
Stephanie Weaver is based out of Huntsville, AL.  She paints realistic landscapes, still life, pet and children’s portraits with a preference of oils using a the renaissance technique of applying thin glazes.  

Her artistic process began in childhood thanks to her mom.  But as most teenagers do, she wanted something different and pursued technology and money. As a result, she holds two master degrees; MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems and another Masters in Project Management.  

In 2001, as a result of a need for a creative outlet from a high stress job, Stephanie found her way back to what brought her joy as a child, painting and drawing.  While living in Atlanta she studied under several artists and quickly found her painting style.  Stephanie held shows at the Atlanta Fox Theater and several galleries in the Atlanta area.  

In 2007, Stephanie and her family moved to Huntsville, AL and she pulled out of all galleries.  She continued to paint but stayed dormant from the art community.  In 2014, Stephanie gave up the stressful career to focus on her family while her husband was deployed.  Now that her husband is state-side, she has been able to awaken what had been dormant for 7 years - reaching out to the painting community.  Stephanie has been warmly embraced by the Huntsville art community and was accepted to the Monte Sano Arts Festival, she began to teach homeschool elementary kids how to draw and she has begun teaching adults the fundamentals of drawing and painting. 

Stephanie owns a creative website, grinninglikeanidiot.com where she provides go-to recipes, fun crafts as well as artfurpaws.com where she writes about her paintings, her philanthropic activities and provides free painting tutorials. 

Artist Statement -
We often view modern paintings with the perception that we must either be photo-realistic or we must be obtuse. Meaning, we often expect to view things as you would through a camera lens; crisp, clear and perfect or just completely bent out of reality.  But that isn’t the real world, the real world is infused with emotion and feelings, it’s the emotional aspect that I want to invoke in my paintings.

My paintings are a reflection of the warmth and personality of the subject even when it is not seen by the eye.  Each painting has an undertone of the subject's personality and quirks that wasn’t necessarily present in the original subject because it is a reflection of what I see: in nature, in a child or the design of a still life.  

There is a softness to the world that if we don’t stop and look at it through a different lens we can completely miss it. 

 Quotes I Live By and Say A Lot
"Can't never could.” - my mom 
"If you want something done right, do it yourself!” - my mom 
"SIT DOWN AND LIGHT!" - my mom.  To this day I have no clue what that means, I just knew it meant to stop going up and down the stairs or stop going inside and outside. :) I find myself wanting to say it to my kids as well.
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