Honoring Police K-9 Furax and Police Officer Brandon

Brandon and Furax, picture provided by his brother HowardCounty Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Finley and his K9 partner Furax spent three years patrolling and protecting the streets and citizens of Tate County, Mississippi.  Furax is a trained Narcotics and Bite Belgian Malinois with a personality and love for his job that only Brandon could handle.

One night in February 2011 Brandon was shot in the head while off duty. Brandon survived this tragedy but that was the beginning of a shift in both Brandon and Furax's lives that would take 5 years before the two would be back together again.

Brandon and Furax, picture provided by his brother Howard
Never Give Up!
During Brandon's recovery Furax did not work and because Brandon was never going to be able to return to work, Furax was handed from owner to owner, all of which couldn't handle Furax's personality and likely didn't know the Dutch commands. Ultimately, without the family's knowledge and approval, Furax was given away to a dentist in Hernando, MS who discarded Furax to a back yard to be neglected.

Brandon's family tried for years to get Furax back but had no luck. The new owner passed away leaving Furax to an ex-wife who hated Furax.  Her hate resulted in neglect where he was starved, ignored and medically untreated. Finally, a rescuer stepped in to save Furax. The rescuer contacted Mission K9 Rescue who brought Furax into their care.

Furax, picture provided by Mission K9 Rescue
Now, Furax is a completely different dog because of the years of neglect. When Mission K9 Rescue evaluated Furax they found Furax was almost completely deaf due to untreated ear infections which also caused growths or masses to form in both ears, he has limited vision due to an untreated tick born disease, and he was Heartworm positive. There is no report on whether the woman who neglected Furax was charged for animal cruelty.

Mission K9 Rescue medically treated Furax and he was placed in foster care to emotionally recover from the years of neglect and abuse.

As with any loved family member, Brandon's family never gave up on finding Furax.  Brandon's sister follows several K9 Belgian Malinois Facebook groups and found Furax!  It had been 5 years since she had last seen him.   She reached out to Mission K9 Rescue to see if they could possibly adopt Furax and bring him home to Brandon.

This was their reunion:

Two Heroes Together Again - An Unbreakable Bond! from Bob Bryant on Vimeo.

When I spoke with Brandon's brother Howard, Howard said "Brandon is doing better since he's been with Furax.  The dog got out of the car and was within feet of Brandon, they knew who each other was.  Brandon wouldn't let go of his leash...They throw the ball every day inside the house."

Fundraising Activities
Brandon’s family have a fundraiser planned for April 22nd a Fish Fry, Spaghetti Dinner and Poker Run, where I plan on attending to present them with their portrait of Furax. Their biggest need right now is a van to take Brandon back and forth to his doctor’s visits, they have one that is ill fitted for Brandon’s needs and has limited heating and air. Their dog food and vet bills are being taken care of by Mission K9 Rescue and Brandon's family is taking care of Brandon.  They are not asking for help, which makes me want to do something even more...

If you are in the Mississippi area, please drop by for an upcoming fundraiser of Catfish and Spaghetti Dinner! The purpose of the fundraiser is to help raise funds for reliable transportation.  For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/408737509475705/.

If you'd like to donate directly to Brandon please send checks to:
The Rosies
1436 Ticonderoga Drive
Southaven, MS 38671
Dry Brush Oil Painting of Furax by Stephanie Weaver

You can also go to my GoFundMe Page donate a minimum of $20 and write "Furax" in the comments to receive a print of the painting and the money will be donated to Brandon on Aprill 22nd.

Many thanks to:
  • Mission K9 Rescue who nominated Furax as well as saved him, medically rehabilitated him and reunited him with his previous police partner, Brandon. 
  • BarkBox who was so kind to provide Furax with a year subscription of fun and treats. 
  • BAM Photography of MS who so graciously gave me rights to paint from one of their pictures and produce prints.
  • Brandon's family who provided information about Brandon and Furax's journey. 

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