"Lil' Boy's Talkin Smack" Bulldog Pet Portrait

16x20" Lil' Boy's Talkin Smack Acrylic on Canvas

Meet "Lil' Boy's Talkin Smack", you may recognize him.  He has held the #1 Bulldog several years in a row!  Smack, as of this writing, also has 2 Best in All-Breed Shows, 2 Reserve Best in All-Breed shows, 17 Group 1's and multiple Best in Speciality Shows.  

Smack was my first full blood breed dog and it was a treat!  I met Smack's parents at the Cotton Cluster Dog Show in Decatur where they asked me to paint Smack while I was onsite for the 3 day show, which is why I used Acrylic.  On the first day I was there I had already finished 2 other paintings I had brought with me and definitely needed something to do. :)  (this being my 3rd show, I've learned to bring stuff to do :) ).

At the end of the show, the owners were so pleased they commissioned me to paint Smack's dad (aka Sire), Lil' Boy's Tennessee Trash. :) 

I just love these names!!!

If you'd like a custom oil painting, please feel free to reach out to me stephanie@grinninglikeanidiot.com and/or visit my pricing and process page.

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