Your Favorite Works of 2016

You Picked Them!  Your Favorite Works of 2016

It was tough to choose my favorites, so I left it up to social media responses :)  based on the number of likes on Facebook and Instagram, these paintings are the best of 2016!

June: "Bunny" Oil on Canvas, 8x10", Available (#1 Print Seller)
October: "Bodhi", Oil on Canvas, 11x14", Commission - Adopted with Bohdi at GHHS
November: "Titus", Oil on Canvas, 12x12", Commission
December: "Majik", Oil on Canvas, 16x20", Commission

2016 Year's Charitable Contributions

Because of the support I've received for my art we donated over $600 to GHHS (Greater Huntsville Humane Society) and donated 5 paintings to GHHS to help raise awareness for pet's adoptions, a memorial portrait, and one for GHHS to sell while decorating the GHHS office.

2017 Year's Charitable Contributions Goals

This year, I intend to double my contributions to charitable organizations while growing my business and begin paying tribute to service and working animals.  To read more about honoring service and working animals, please visit Art Fur Paws Purpose.  

You Make This Possible

Your voice always matters to me, please join me on and so next years paintings reflect your vote :).

Thank you all for your feedback and staying involved in my art!

Happy New Year!

Stephanie Weaver

Grinning Like An Idiot: Create your Happiness. I'm a stay-at-home mom who doesn't 'stay' very well. I like to provide everyone with resources and ideas for crafts, painting and DIY!

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