New Style of Painting - Pop Art

Over the holidays I have been extremely busy finishing pet portraits people were giving as Christmas busy I didn't have time to showcase a couple of features and products I've added to my website.

So here are a couple :)

Painting Style

I'm now offering pet portraits in a Pop Art Style, which is a very colorful and fun way to portray your fur baby.  These little 3x3" magnets and 5x5" blocks were very popular gifts!

Purchase Directly From Me

For the last several years I've used a company to host and sell prints of my art. Well, long story short, I ordered a product to check quality and it was crap.  I'm a firm believer in quality and so I've taken over the printing production thanks to some great contacts... oh and it's like a 3rd of the cost!

So if you'd like to buy prints directly or purchase originals directly, feel free to check it out and purchase from a real-live artist :).

I even have gift certificates now!! :)

By the way, I paint way more than I type, so I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you can see the latest paintings - sometimes they sell while I'm painting them and the original never makes it to my Art Gallery.  

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Stephanie Weaver

Grinning Like An Idiot: Create your Happiness. I'm a stay-at-home mom who doesn't 'stay' very well. I like to provide everyone with resources and ideas for crafts, painting and DIY!


  1. Your portraits are wonderful you captured the essence of the beautiful creatures!

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing about their stories and trying to bring them to life through painting on canvas. :)