Meet 'Magyk' the Russian Wolfhound

Russian Wolfhound, also known as Borzoi
16x20" "Magyk" Oil on Canvas. 

When I get to paint for someone I learn so much about the kindness that people can have for one another and for the love of their animals.  And as an outsider who gets to be witness these relationships, it is heartwarming and a reminder that despite what the news says, there are people who still build each other up. 

Magyk's portrait is one of those stories that reminds me of how great and kind people can be.  

At the Cotton Cluster Dog show in Decatur, AL I met an amazing couple Jill and Joe and their friend, Monika.  I watched their friend, Monika, stare at my paintings while her friends wondered off and she decided then and there to invest in me to paint her a gift that will make her friend's Christmas.  

Magyk, is a Russian Wolfhound also known as Borzoi.  Magyk had passed away and while the couple had several wolfhounds it was Magyk that held her dear friend Jill's heart.  So together, Monika, Joe and I planned Jill's gift. :) 

The day finally came, two months after we started, and it was everything we'd hope it would be.  Jill Loved it and had no idea her husband and good friend had planned such an amazing, gift of a lifetime! 

They loved the painting so much, they asked me to do two more of another fur baby, Yinny.  Yinny has an amazing recovery and rescue story!  So, stay tuned! 

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