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Join me on Saturday, January 21st at 7:00 pm - 8:30 CST on for a LIVE, FREE demonstration of Dry Brush Oil Painting in celebration of honoring service and working animals.

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Announcement: Art Fur Paws

Local Fine Art Artist Stephanie Weaver and Professional framer Alex Maciel will begin an initiative to honor service and working animals as well as their owners.  We will begin accepting applications for service and working animals who have passed on, the owners of the animals will receive a custom dry brush oil portrait of their service/working animal.  

Stephanie’s philanthropic project began with CWD (Contract Working Dog) Nero, who served 7 years in Afghanistan as a PEDD (Patrol Explosive Detection Dog), where he saved soldiers lives by finding explosives.  He came back home to the States to be adopted by a lady in Gainsville, FL where he spent a year and a half in retirement before passing over the rainbow bridge.   

Stephanie read about Nero’s story on Facebook and quickly reached out to K9 Mission Rescue organization to help honor the two heroes: Nero and Judie.  Stephanie painted a portrait of Nero in Dry Brush Oil and her friend Alex Maciel provided the professional framing and matting as a surprise for Judie.  The piece was delivered in time for Nero’s Memorial Service to be held on 1/21/2017.  

Since completing Nero’s portrait several service and working animals have passed on that need to be honored. Next up on Stephanie’s list is MWD (Military Working Dog) Coba TEDD (Tactical Explosive Detection Dog).   Stephanie is looking to you all to help create these memorial pieces so that she can provide the memorial pieces at no cost to the owners.  The owners of these wonderful animals have already given so much and Stephanie’s heart wants to provide the owners with a lasting portrait of the animal’s loving expressions.

Tomorrow, please come back to read Nero's and Judie's Story, a story of sacrifice, love, pain, devotion and much more. 

Nominate a Working/Service Animal: 
If you would like to nominate a working/service animal to be honored with a custom dry brush oil portrait and memorial plaque, please visit Stephanie’s website,, to tell their story so she can begin funding the initiative. 

If you’d like to donate or sponsor a service and working animal, please visit

Stephanie is currently showing original and reproductions at Huntsville Art League Gallery located in Lowe Mill as well as Redstone Arsenal PX. Feel free to contact Stephanie with any questions,

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